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Trusted Experts In Diagnosis & Treatment For Sleep Disorders, Since 1998

Sleep Medicine Services

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Areas of Specialty  in Sleep Medicine

SleepMS provides comprehensive care for

a wide range of common sleep disorders

Obstructive Sleep Apnea




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Services We Provide


In-Lab Sleep Studies


Home Sleep Studies


Treatment Options

Individuals suffering night by night with sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea can be referred by their physician to SleepMS for sleep assessment.


This may include clinical evaluation and/or sleep testing; polysomnogram (overnight sleep study) or a home sleep test. 

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We're Here To Help!

Everyone experiences sleep difficulties from time to time.

But, when you have persistent trouble falling asleep or staying awake, you probably have a sleep disorder.

Together we can achieve optimal health and well-being for you. We know the best path toward wellness involves you.

We look forward to working together in providing you with expert medical treatment, guidance, and care.

Front Office & Clinical Services Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Closed Wednesdays ***

In-Lab Sleep Studies Hours:
6 nights per week
8:15 pm to 7:00 am

Closed Friday Night**

 Phone: (408 295-4532

    Fax: (408) 295-4738

SleepMS Sleep Disorders Lab has been testing and treating those suffering from sleep deprivation since 1998.


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have years of dedicated service in working with people who have been diagnosed with sleep-disordered breathing.

SleepMS strives to build relationships with our patients who put trust in our expertise.

We are proud of the way we approach every customer with compassion and a genuine

desire to improve their lives by improving their sleep.

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