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Home Sleep Test (HST)

Home Sleep Apnea Testing  


What's A Home Sleep Apnea Test (HST)?


An HST is easy, convenient, and done at home. Unlike an overnight sleep study, which provides a more thorough assessment of sleep issues, an HST is used to diagnose only sleep apnea. It records your breathing, blood oxygen levels, and breathing effort.

It can either be picked up from one of our locations or mailed to you.



Several parts of the HST unit that come into direct contact with the patient (such as the cannula/sensor around the nose and mouth) are disposable, one-time use only items. Any reusable parts like the belt, oximeter, and HST unit are thoroughly disinfected between uses.

Note: Home sleep tests are primarily used to diagnose patients with obstructive sleep apnea. A sleep physician will recommend an HST only if it is believed that the patient has a very likely chance that they have moderate to severe sleep apnea. This is because HST's tend to under-diagnosed breathing disorders. If a patient has mild to low-moderate sleep apnea, the test may falsely conclude that the patient doesn't have sleep apnea, or conclude that the patient's sleep apnea is not as prevalent as it really is.

It's EASY to take our sleep apnea test from the comforts of your own home, in your own bed.

When you pick up the home apnea testing device, you will meet with a licensed polysomnographic technician or respiratory therapist who will explain everything and answer any question you might have. We also have technicians available all night long if you have any difficulty or questions or concerns! 

When you bring it back the following day, the data will be reviewed and interpreted by Dr. Clerk.

This is a self-administered test. Please watch the ApneaLink Air user video and read all directions before beginning your test.

If you experience an emergency during your home sleep test, do not call or return to SleepMSPlease call 911 immediately.