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We collaborate with psychologists, dentists, pulmonologists, and ENT surgeons in order to provide comprehensive care for patients with

any type of sleep problem.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea impacts more than 936 million people worldwide.

Did you know?

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which the muscles in the throat relax to the point of collapse, restricting airflow. This causes breathing to become shallow and even stop for seconds or minutes at a time, depriving the body and brain of oxygen. The lack of deep sleep can cause significant fatigue and elevate the risk of serious health problems. Most people with sleep apnea are unaware they have it.

Areas of Specialty  in Sleep Medicine

SleepMS provides comprehensive care for

a wide range of common sleep disorders

Obstructive Sleep Apnea




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Services We Provide


In-Lab Sleep Testing

An in-lab sleep study provides our board-certified sleep medicine physician (Dr. Clerk) with the most complete evaluation of your sleep. Everyone deserves a restful night's sleep. If an undiagnosed sleep disorder is preventing you from getting the sleep you deserve, and in-center sleep test will help determine what’s wrong and how we can help.


Home Sleep Testing

Our office uses ResMed® Apnea Link Air™  type III devices to detect the diagnosis of sleep-related breathing disorders. It allows you to sleep at home wearing it while the device collects information about how your breathing during sleep.


Step by Step Instructions 

Home CPAP 

Equipment & Supplies

Our Respiratory Therapists and CPAP support specialists are committed to ensuring you receive the education and support required to make your experience with CPAP treatment successful.


Telemedicine Appointments

Now Available

Dr. Clerk is now available via video conferencing for all appointments. 

Individuals suffering night by night with sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea can be referred by their physician to SleepMS for sleep assessment.


This may include clinical evaluation and/or sleep testing; polysomnogram (overnight sleep study) or a home sleep test. 

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Everyone experiences sleep difficulties from time to time. But, when you have persistent trouble falling asleep or staying awake, you probably have a sleep disorder.

Together we can achieve optimal health and well-being for you. We know the best path toward wellness involves you. We look forward to working together in providing you with expert medical treatment, guidance, and care.

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